Insurance Claims Management
Credit Hire & Repair
24 Hour Breakdown Recovery
Excess Protection Cover
Household Claims Handling

Claims Management

Providing assistance to our clients to ensure the best settlement outcome in respect of their vehicle claim regardless of fault 24/7 365 days a year.
Assistance with your vehicle repairs, through our geographically convenient approved repairers.
Access to a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired either via our approved repairers or our subsidiary company Provincewide Car Hire Ltd.
Assistance when required with processing your vehicle claim with your own motor insurer whether you are at fault for the accident or not.
If required insured legal representation to recover your outlays following an accident.

Access to legal representation.

Deciding who is at fault for an accident is not always as straight forward as it may seem. 

By being able to utilise the services of our specialist road traffic litigation panel of solicitors you will have access to and be able to receive expert advice regarding liability and how you recover any valid headings of claim meaning all the stresses and strains of recovering whatever headings of claim you have will be removed from you.

Our solicitors are able to reclaim your vehicle damage, loss of earnings should you be unable to work following the accident due to your injuries, depreciation after the repair of your vehicle (subject to legal criteria being met) and should you be injured following an accident, they have expertise to negotiate a settlement value for your personal injuries including any medical and rehabilitation costs to speed up the recovery process.

Credit Hire & Repair

Facility to cover the cost of repairs and provision of a replacement hire vehicle via our subsidiary company Provincewide Car Hire Ltd.
Subject to your approval and the circumstances show you are not fault for the accident, we can appoint one of our approved repairers, instruct an independent motor assessor to agree repair costs and provide you with a similar category of vehicle to your own while those repairs are carried out. 

We have a wide range of vehicles, private and commercial, on our fleet allowing us to provide a like for like vehicle for all of our clients. We can deliver a vehicle to a client at a place of their choice and that is convenient to them. These costs are then recovered by one of our specialist road traffic litigation panel solicitors from the at fault insurance company.

24 Hour Breakdown Recovery

Mechanical, electrical and accident recovery service providing up to three local tows within the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland per year.

- Roadside Assistance
- Home Start
- Accident Recovery
- Puncture Cover
- Misfuelling
- Lost/Locked Key Assistance
- 48-hour Car Hire (class A car) or Overnight B&B Accommodation up to the value of £175
- Recovery charges when travelling to the European Union up to the value of £250, you will have to pay the invoice at the time and on return submit the invoice to us for our consideration.

Whether you breakdown in a remote area, at an inconvenient time or in your own driveway it can be a stressful experience. This policy takes that stress away getting you away from an emergency situation to the nearest local garage that can carry out the necessary repairs to your vehicle. This policy has some elements of cover not found in much more expensive products provided by some of the more established breakdown operators.

Excess Protection Cover

If you have this cover through one of our brokers then our claims team can handle your claim to recover your policy excess.

As insurance premiums increase specifically in relation to young drivers one of the main ways to reduce the cost of the premium is to take out a higher policy excess. However, if you have a claim it can mean you having to pay a substantial one off payment. Taking out an excess protect policy covers you for the amount of the excess to be paid regardless of fault (subject to specific criteria). 

In the event of you being involved in a road traffic accident we will take the details from you and simultaneously set up the claim for recovery of your excess under this policy when looking after the claim for your vehicle. You will have to pay your excess initially and then recover upon presentation of your excess receipt or letter of settlement from your insurer detailing the excess deducted if the vehicle is written off. 

Household Insurance Claims Handling

Providing assistance to our clients to ensure the best settlement outcome in respect of their home property and personal belongings claim. 24/7 365 days a year. We take first notification of the loss and liaise with the relevant insurer.

We will, if needed appoint loss adjusters to oversee larger and more technical claims in certain circumstances. 

Family Legal Expenses

This policy provides legal advice and legal costs cover following an insured event, these are:

- Consumer Pursuit
- Consumer Defence
- Personal Injury
- Employment Disputes
- Property Infringement
- Property Damage
- Tax
- Personal Identity Fraud
- Legal Defence
- Social Media Defamation